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OFFICIAL / Licensed Posters

Animage December 2003 Special Posters!
As a special treat, this issue had TWO massive posters in it!
Never Displayed, minor wear on folds.

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Approximately 40.5" by 28.5"

Hikaru no Go Mini Poster Approx. 16.5" by 11.75"
New, in bag with cardboard backing. +$2 shipping

Two Final Fantasy Millenium Calendar Pages Approx. 28.5" by 20.25" Each
Good condition, tiny tear on lower left of FF4-6 page. +$3 shipping
$4 for both

Two WeiB Kreuz Calendar Pages Approx. 23.5" by 16.5" Each
Fair Condition, looks okay from front. Youji has damage on rear of poster, Ken is in better shape. +$2 shipping
$4 for both

One Piece Poster Approx. 28.5" by 20.25"
Never displayed. +$3 shipping

Color ~Sakae and Takashiro~ Poster Approx. 28.5" by 20.25"
Fair/Good condition, stains in corners (see pic) +$3 shipping

Bakuretsu Hunter Poster Approx. 28.5" by 20.25"
Not in the greatest shape, pinholes in corners and several small tears. Great image, however. +$3 shipping

Unverified / Unofficial Posters

None at the moment!

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