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Anime Cels!

So, over the years I've done a lot of impulse buys, but as I get older, I really want to just focus on certain series. Most of my cels aren't exactly from popular series, but take a look over at my Rubberslug gallery, and shoot me an offer! I'm not asking massive amounts, I would prefer to see them go to new homes that would appreciate them! :D

Not for Sale:

Anything in the Cyber Formula Gallery
Anything with Kero on it in CCS Gallery
Disney (Those are my mother's cels! :P )
The Leorio cel in the HxH Gallery
Smiling Gamlin in the Macross 7 Gallery
Anything but Valgarv in the Slayers Gallery (I would be 100% willing to be parted with Valgarv, I'm not even a fan of his character!)
The Magik cel in the Orphen Gallery
The majority of my Legend of Galactic Heroes Gallery (I'm willing to thin down a bit, but some ain't leaving.)

Cel I Would Need An Awesome Offer to Sell:
My Captain Harlock Cel

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