August 29th, 2015

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R.o. C. Selling Journal

R.o. C. Selling Journal


This is the selling journal for R.o.C. Productions, a group of well, pretty much one these days. xD; It has lots of unofficial members, though. All items posted, unless otherwise stated, are/were owned by anruiukimi.

Larger items are being auctioned through my Ebay account, feel free to go look!


So far, the Toy, Cel, DVD, Handmade Items, and Music Sections are up to date, I will post here when I've posted things in the others!

Shipping Information

If you wish to combine items for shipping, there may be a delay on sending items out. Some items are not combinable for saving-on-shipping purposes, mainly posters. Sorry!

Due to shipping rate hikes, I will start shipping calculations based on if I can stuff your desired items in various sizes of flat rate priority mail box, and work from there. I can also ship UPS or FedEx, if you so desire.

I can ship anywhere in the world! Remember, if you choose shipping without any sort of insurance, I can't be responsible if your box shows up damaged or doesn't show up at all.

Payment Options

Paypal is strongly preferred. 

Failing that, Money Order is also an option.

Failing THAT, I might be willing to take cash, but I CANNOT be held responsible if I recieve an empty envelope. I strongly encourage you choose one of the other two options.


Due to the mostly used nature of these items, there is no returns. If you have any problems, however, feel free to contact us through this post! :)


Although the idea of this is to get rid of stuff, we might be looking for something unusual, so check here for desired items!

Anrui is always looking for:

Anime/Manga cookware/dishware (No, really!)

[2011 Note: After 3 years in Japan, though, I've gotten seriously picky, so it better be awesome. Macross 7, Card Captor Sakura, other old series are higher on the want list now.]


Looking for anything? Let us know! :)

We will add items as time goes on, so check back often!

Thanks a lot!