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Music! CDs, CD Singles, LPs, 45s...

This section is run a bit differently from the others. The link below connects to my Anime/Video Game Music Collection webpage, where you can pursue the contents at your leisure. I am accepting offers on everything there, but there are certain items I will have to be sufficiantly bribed to part with. However, I am asking around $12 per CD single, excepting a rare few, which is rather reasonable, I think. The more you want, the more I'm willing to deal!

If an item is crossed out, it is already sold.

If you are serious about an item/items, I will be happy to snap a photo for you, but I simply don't have the time to take 300+ photos ahead of time. ^^;

So, off you go, you can make me an offer here, or through email! (The link is on the collection page.) :)

Anime/Video Music Collection

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