rocproductions (rocproductions) wrote,

Handmade and One of a Kind Items!

As I am back in the US, I can make and run embroidery designs again! 

Right now, I only have Ouran patches available (like old times, unless you want one of my recent designs below) but I'm willing to custom digitize and embroider items, and I'm also planning on having other designs and things. :) Note, I can run designs on all sorts of things, like t-shirts, towels, etc...

Recent examples (as in VERY recent:)

Cyber Formula - Jackie Gudelhian (Big) with "Custom" Text

Cyber Formula - Jackie Gudelhian & Franz Heinel (Mini)

NCIS: Gibbs w/Coffee [Prototype] (Both Big and Mini)

Embroidered Items:

  Ouran High School Host Club School Crest Patch $10 each (Two Colors Available)

Note: The link shows my original in-progress post regarding the patches. You will get a v.5 in either blueberry or pacific blue, depending on your preference (I can run in totally different colors, if you want a quirky one.) If you want them embroidered ON something, like a t-shirt or a towel, the price will be higher. It takes about a hour for me to run a patch, just for reference. ^^

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